Recycling and sustainability

It is easy to manage your waste in Lindholmshamnen. Every milk packet, newspaper and yoghurt tub you put in for recycling saves material and energy and reduces the carbon dioxide emissions.

• Everyone may not always be able to sort all waste. Start with the most important – hazardous waste – that must be separated, for example light bulbs, batteries, glue, paint, nail polish and spray bottles.

• Buy second-hand or change with a friend.

• Tea light holders take very little space to collect but save a lot of energy when they are recycled.

• Pack small paper packages in larger ones.

• Let organic waste drain properly before putting it into the collection.

How to recycle your waste

A large part of your waste is recyclable and can be used in new products. Recyclable materials can be sorted at the recycling room at Lindholmshamnen. Your food waste, residual waste and newspapers can be disposed in the sopsugen.

Food waste

Use the intended paper bag.
Here you can for example put: fish offal, seafood, meat, pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables and bread. You can also throw coffee, coffee filters, tea bags, uncolored and unbleached napkins and flowers.
Do not throw: Tobacco, snuff, cigarettes, cat sand soil or ash.

Residual waste

Use a plastic bag
Examples of residual waste: Diapers, vacuum cleaner bags, wipes, dish brushes, post-its, snuff, cigarettes, cotton swabs, cat sand and sticky packages.


Example of newspapers: Flyers, magazines, brochures, all kinds of newspapers and printed matter.
Do not throw: Paper bags, bound books and envelopes.


Recyclable materials can be sorted at the recycling room on Lindholmshamnen 16.

At the recycling room you can recycle: Hard plastic, cardboard and metal packaging. Also colored and uncolored glass, low energy lamps, standard lamps and batteries can be recycled here.

For bulky waste we refer to recycling centers. The nearest recycling center is located at Bulyckevägen 10. Departure from Torslandavägen, about 1,5 km west of the junction at Volvo Torslanda.


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