We who build

Together with the City of Gothenburg’s administration and industry, we are creating an inclusive, green and dynamic inner city around the river.

At present, more than 21,000 people work, study, research and live here. This means that there is a lot to be built in the area in the upcoming years. In Lindholmshamnen alone, some 650 residences, a pre-school, several business premises and, as a special bonus, even new parks will be built. In other words, this is a large project. That is why we are several developers that have come together to plan and to create the new Lindholmshamnen.

HSB BRF Blanka is located in the new exciting quarter right by the water. Here we are building 114 new dream houses consisting of 1-5 rooms and a kitchen. With a ceiling height of 2.6 metres and a trendy retro feeling of the furnishings, these apartments will be somewhat out of the ordinary. The houses are built according to the guidelines for the Svanen label have already begun to be sold.

BRF Lindholmskajen is a project at the utter forefront, both with regard to architecture and material selection. The houses are furthermore full of smart, sustainable solutions. Solar cells, handy refuse sorting and a sedum roof that purifies and delays rainwater are just a few examples. The houses are built according to the guidelines for the Svanen.

Riksbyggen plans 197 apartment units in Lindholmshamnen, in the north-east quarter. The space-efficient apartments vary in size from approximately 25 – 65 square metres, 1 -3 rooms plus kitchen. The residences are being built as cooperative rental units for people between 18 and 30 years old. The relatively low price make the apartments available to more people and can serve as an initial step into the housing market.

At BRF Lindholmspiren, we have created a dynamic quarter with Svanen-certified houses, of which one is 16 storeys high and offers a splendid view over the river and city. The other houses vary in height, everything from 3 to 8 storeys. One of the buildings will also house a pre-school in which the yard is intended to be yet another green oasis.

Älvstranden Utveckling is a catalyst in the process pertaining to Lindholmshamnen’s planning and development. The task is based on making the cooperation between the parties and the municipal collaborative bodies more efficient. It involves inter alia that the company serve as a coordinator vis-à-vis the City of Gothenburg’s administrations, as well as serve as a representative in the municipal planning process.

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