Welcome to Lindholmshamnen

The development of Lindholmshamnen means more than just innovation and sustainable housing – it’s about homes and meeting places. As each new block is added, the area grows and becomes Lindholmen’s lungs where small, leafy squares and parks snuggle among the modern, eco-friendly buildings. It’s a place where modern architecture and a historical, waterside location harmonise with green spaces and a flourishing choice of restaurants.

When the finishing touches are added to Lindholmshamnen, around 650 flats, a new preschool, restaurants and cafés will all share a postcode on the sunniest side of town, as will shops, gyms and parks. And if you want to get to the other side of the river, the ferry to Stenpiren is as just as quick and convenient as the Nordstan bus route.

But you don’t need to cross the bridge to find some of Gothenburg’s best restaurants and cafés. The ever popular Lindholmen Streetfood Market is at the heart of the neighbourhood with alfresco cafés along the boardwalk, so you’re never far from a fabulous dining experience.

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