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Our sustainability work

One of the fundamental elements in the construction of Lindholmshamnen is the focus on climate-smart, sustainable solutions. Using less energy and replacing fossil energy sources with renewable energy sources are some of the strategies that Lindholmshamnen contributes to reducing the climate impact. And that’s not all.

Joint safety plan

Naturally, Lindholmshamnen is also involved in run-off water management. When large parts of Gothenburg’s new inner city are built right by the water along the banks of the Göta River, it is necessary to focus on more than the amazing view. Because climate change is expected to bring rising water levels, storms and cloudbursts, there is a major requirement for protective measures.

A long-term approach

Lindholmshamnen also works on the basis of the goals in the Strategic Climate Programme for Gothenburg, which deals with Gothenburg’s long-term climate work and involves the municipal organisation, the business community and all Gothenburgers. Climate programme strategies that directly affect Lindholmshamnen include helping Gothenburgers reduce their climate impact, planning for an energy and transport-efficient community, enhancing resource efficiency in district heating, promoting and facilitating the small-scale production of renewable electricity, prioritising and investing in walking, cycling and public transport, and becoming the world leader in climate-smart cargo handling.

Sustainability at every level

Sustainable development can only become a reality if ecological, social and economic aspects work in harmony and on equal terms. This includes everything from social sustainability in the diversity of people and businesses in Lindholmshamnen, attracting more businesses to set up here and increase trade, to creating healthy indoor environments in every home and building by using green construction solutions. These are just three examples of how sustainability characterises every level of our project. Accordingly, the consortium works together with all three aspects and has developed a joint sustainability programme for Lindholmshamnen, under which the property developers are each responsible for implementation in their respective projects.

Read our full sustainability programme here